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Warning: I cannot verify if this information is accurate! Viasat is not telling us what the customer can upgrade to!
I had one customer get the below package and another customer is telling me that she cannot get this package.
All of this is so new, I think Viasat hasn't quite gotten the shirts ironed out yet.
Existing customer upgrade from Exede to Viasat.
Viasat 2 Product - Viasat Wi-fi Gateway (VWG).
Packages/promotions subject to change on short or no notice.

Prescott-Roosvelt area

+   Plus 10.00 mo. Equipment Lease Fee. Two Year Commitment. Credit Card AutoPay.

  Wireless router (3x3 MU-MIMO, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, simultaneous dual-band) and 2-port gigabit Ethernet router included
 Integrated voice adapter with a single RJ-11 phone port (Exede Voice service optional)

 After your Priority of data usage, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.

Free Basic Installation at this time. (Does not include trip charges that may apply.)
Normal Installation Fee $150.00 if there is not a promotion.

Trip charges will apply to distant locations from Chino Valley.

Note: Existing customers WILL NOT get the introductory 3 month special savings that new customers will have.
If you have a Liberty or another plan with Exede and change to this plan, you will not be able to switch back.

New 2 year commitment required.
Limited to Line of sight restrictions. Expected view of Southern sky at 111° on compass, at 29° elevation.
All packages and pricing subject to change without notice!

Viasat is not going to be paying for Viasat-1 dish upgrades!
This is mainly for customers on Viasat-1 switching to Viasat-2, and NOT for customers on the older Anik-F2 satellite.

PS&E not been paid (so far) on two upgraded dishes already, and then I get an email alerting me they are not going to be reimbursing for the dish in the future.
It's not worth it, nor is it fair for PS&E to give away the dishes we have to pay for.

Updated dish charge to be paid to PS&E upon installation for Viasat-1 upgrades of these dishes.
If for any reason they do not pay for the Older Satellite Upgrades, these charges will apply and be billed at a later date.
Dish update charge of $68.00 (+tax) will apply to these model dishes.
Needs to be upgraded. Needs to be upgraded. Needs to be upgraded.

Note: Should Viasat reimburse us for the dish replacement, we will in turn- refund your payment to us.


Exede customer legal documents
Please read these carefully.
Subject to change without notice.

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