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5/6/18 Well they finally opened up the whole country to Viasat 2. I was pretty excited about that news until I discovered they raised the price of their lowest level of service to $100.00 and lowered the priority data to 35 GB (although still unlimited). Not much to say other than "what a bummer". Seems like they should at least offer the old packages with data limits for folks who can't afford $110.00 a month (with the lease fee). I just don't understand it.


4/24/18  It seems they expanded the coverage area ov Viasat2 to include Skull Valley. I guess I needed to keep checking on it because a potential customer made me aware of my error. I have made some slight modifications to include Skull Valley in my map and to what packages they are supposed to get. Existing customers can call customer service to upgrade their package to Viasat2 packages if they desire. (You cannot switch back to your old package if you do.)


4/12/18  It is finally happening, something in this area (sorta). As of today, Prescott down to Roosevelt has a spot beam open to that area. I have created a rough beam map to give you an idea of where this beam is hitting. Unfortunately it is not the beam for the Northern part of the state, but we are getting so much closer!

Words on a grape vine suggested places like Ash Fork may be turned on sometime in mid May.


3/30/18 Well, it looks like the Unlimited plans were too much for Viasat to handle. As of 3/29/18 they did a reversal and went back to data limited plans on the Viasat 1 AND Anik F2 satellite beams. In their words- "Due to the success of the Unlimited data plans, we need to adjust the service plans offered in Viasat-1 and Augmented beams to maintain quality service for current and new customers in these areas. ...we have scheduled for the evening of March 29th."

I just checked. The unlimited plans are gone. The good thing is... the plans are back down to the 50.00 first level price (+ lease fee). Maybe when they actually get VS2 covering the area, those packages could return.


3/15/18   I did speak to someone at Viasat about this rollout being so limited. It seems that don't want to get into a situation where the bugs might not be worked out and suddenly thousands of people are sent into limbo. You know you would hate to get a system and then some glitch happens and you are without service for an unknown amout of time. Things happen, and some folks are less understanding than others. Remember- This is the largest satellite ever launched, with the most advanced technology never before seen, with the highest capacity in a satellite design. They have to be cautious, and accurate in the steps they take.


Also, I am presuming that these cities are locations that has the beams on the other earlier satellites that are full and closed to new customers


3/9/18 Eighteen more metro cities.

Dallas, TX
Knoxville, TN
Chillicothe, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Birmingham, AL
Baton Rouge, LA
Des Moines, IA
Iron Mountain, MI
Omaha - Norfolk, NE
Orlando - Spring Hill, FL
St. Louis - Perryville, MO
Scranton - Pottsville, PA
Pittsburgh - Wheeling, PA
Roanoke - Blacksburg, VA
Little Rock - Hot Springs, AR
Memphis - Holly Springs, TN
Rapid City - Hot Springs, SD
Stevens Point - Clintonville, WI


3/6/18  Note: I didn't do a mass email this time because this update isn't worth bothering people with.

More markets open, still not in the boonies.

Atlanta, GA
Augusta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Butte - Bozeman, MT
Detroit - Ann Arbor, MI
Big Springs - Midland, TX


Update 2/21/18

Another Wednesday, more cities opened.

Kansas City, MO*
Minneapolis, MN*
Victorville, CA*
Oklahoma City, OK
Traverse City, MI
Houston, TX
Dickinson-Williston, ND*
Mobile, AL*
Thomasville/Valdosta, GA*
Paris, TX
Reno, NV*
Gainesville, FL*
Shreveport, LA*
Harlingen, TX*
El Paso, TX *

100Mbps Platinum packages
In addition to launching Viasat-2 service in the above markets, we will be launching our 100 Mbps service plan in the below five markets and all markets listed above marked with an asterisk.

Carlsbad, CA
Tulsa, OK
San Antonio, TX
Tupelo, MS
Magnolia, MS



UPDATE 2/14/2018

I've got some good news and annoying news.
Today they lit up Viasat2 for offerings! The annoying thing is that they have started the launch to 14 major cities.

Apparently they feel VS2 is so great they can start competing with cable, because the cities are (I presume) prime cable cities, that I wouldn't want to be selling in.
They are:
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Denver, CO
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Georgetown, TX
  • Tulsa, OK
  • El Dorado, AR
  • Magnolia, MS
  • Mt. Olive, MS
  • Tupelo, MS
  • La Cross, WI
  • Louisville, KY
  • Charlottesville, VA

Why cities rather than counties? I have no idea. I did send a reply asking why, and got no answer.
If I had to guess, it's because they wanted to slowly bring in new customers to get their ducks in a row. It's the only logical reason I can fathom.

Some other good news is that as of today, pretty much all the satellites now have "unlimited data" packages available. I did verify this by checking the dealer portal and ran my own address.
The 49.99 (plus 9.99 lease fee) package is gone. (Bad news for some.) But so is the data limit. Sorta. See the data limit in the beige part of the Northern AZ packages. (North of Prescott.)
I will have changed the graphic on the Exede5 page to reflect the newer Exede12 offers available today.
These will change again soon when we can get onto VS2.

You will see the "Up To" speeds have increased to 12Mbps as opposed to 5Mbps. But current customers have already been seeing those speeds anyway.
I'm still expecting higher speeds with Viasat2, along with the unlimited data (at a 150Gb priority limit).

Here is what I know (told) so far of VS2:

Streaming Video
All unlimited plans have the capability to stream up to 100 hours of video, depending on the video quality of your plan.

Speeds will range from "Up To" 12 Mbps to 50 Mbps download. Select areas will have a speed up to 100 Mbps. Upload speeds will all be "up to" 3 Mbps.
Packages of Bronze, Silver, Gold (and some areas Platinum) after 40, 60, 100, or 150 Gb (respectively) of Priority Usage where Viasat MAY give priority to those who have not yet used those amounts of data in their plan. This means that if there is not network congestion, there is no impact to your internet service.

VS2 (new customer) Plans will have a 2 year price lock guarantee, a 2 year commitment period and only at the time of sign up, a choice of the $10.00 monthly lease fee or a Lifetime pre-paid lease of 299.99.
It is the Lifetime of that account. If you quit, the account is gone and there are NO refunds once you have signed up for the Lifetime Lease.

If you upgrade to any new plan, you will not be able to go back to what you had before. There is no longer a 49.99 package. If you have it now and do not want to pay more- Do Not Upgrade your service plan.
If you upgrade to VS2, you will have to sign a new two year agreement.
If you upgrade your plan or migrate to VS2 and you have a promotional discount in effect, you will lose that discount. (Not sure about the lifetime lease at this time... but for now, I'll say you will lose it.)
Upgrades may require fees for new equipment and/or waiting for shipping or installation.

Upgrades can be done over the phone, as they are just plan changes. It looks like they will let us handle those directly.
Transitions are System upgrades requiring new equipment, contract and a service call. It looks like they are taking that away from dealers. In other words, I may not be able to take your transition order, you may have to call Customer Care for a transition.
If that is the case, I'll let you know when I know and tell you to make sure your original dealer (me) is doing the upgrade and not some "fulfillment" installer. I have been "your guy" and still want to be your guy.
To all the folks whom are waiting for new service, please be a little more patient until they open it up to Arizona. I will call you the day I am allowed to offer it.



Older News

UPDATE 1/8/2018:

Planned offering of the New Viasat System will begin February 1st to parts of the U.S. and by about February 20 the whole country.

Here in Arizona, I will say Feb. 20 as new stuff seem to start in the East coast. But it could be sooner if everything goes well. Due to the high volume of requests, it is speculated that there may be an equipment shortage. Make sure you are on my list of waiting as it will be "first come, first called".


Viasat's newest satellite has been launched and is in progress of being placed in orbit. This is a question and answer type of news page about why and what we can expect from the activation of this new satellite.


Why is it taking so long?

First of all, this is the largest satellite ever launched. It is such a big deal that Viasat did not go with a newer rocket company, but waited for the tried and true rocket company Arianespace and was lanched in June from French Guiana. But besides that, this satellite incorporates a different type of manuvering system utilizing Ion propulsion. Standard fuel trusters use a lot of fuel adding expense and weight to the satellite. Ion thrust is achieved by electricity generated by the solar panels and batteries on the satellite. It is a slower, but very efficient means of moving objects. This also helps insure a longer use of the satellite because the fuel won't necesarilly run out so soon.


So when should it be operational for full use?

The expected time frame is the first quarter of 2018. Hopefully by the end of January, if all goes well in all the testing that must be done once it acheives proper orbit and positioning. It is expected to become positioned and then tested by Boeing by late October before handing it back to Viasat. Once Boeing gives the A-Okay, Viasat begins their process of making the thing work as expected.


Who gets to use it first?

Of course new customers will be the first to be customers on the new satellite. PS&E has been told that customers who (still) are on Wildblue and Exede's Anik F2 satellite will also be able to upgrade their systems to the new satellite. By transitioning some customers off the older satellites, they will be able to crank up the output of the remaining customers to a higher speed than ever before. As some of you may know, although you have an "Up To Speed" of 5 Gbps, you can see your actual speed tests have been cranked up a bit more than that. At PS&E, I have seen speeds up to 14 Gbps. This is because some customers have been able to be transitioned to Viasat 1, giving a little more to the others. We still cannot assure you of those speeds and can only tell you "up to" speed of 5Gbps, but if you want to check it out, go to and see for yourself. Anyone who doesn't have Exede now, may come to out my office, with your own laptop (if you would like) to test it for yourself.


Why was the Exede5 beam closed for some time?

Viasat is a smart company over greed. (In my humble opinion... and their actions...) They did not want to overload the beams that carry High Speed Internet to their existing customers. Although that really hurts their dealers in those areas, they had to think of their customers first.
Let me tell you, this really hurt the local dealer (PS&E), but we do have the better product.


What are we going to get from Viasat2?

Not only will unserved areas be covered, the speed in some areas will be able to have an "up to" speed of 100Mbps! This is fantastic for satellite. Some folks can remember the days of 500Kbps. This can compete with your DSL and Terrestrial Services, as well as some cable systems. The only thing that will be caveats to that is Fiber and Latency.


What do you mean by Fiber and Latency?

Fiber is the fastest thing on the planet so far, but it doesn't reach everywhere. Latency it the delay in the signal going from point A to B. The satellite is 22,600 miles in the sky. You just can't change physics. It is expected that the ping time will be as good as 500 milliseconds (1/2 a second) whereas fiber gives you better than 60 milliseconds. Where that is a problem is on fast action gaming. By the time to shoot someone, you may have been shot already. For everyone else... it should be no problem. Online poker should be indistinguishable for example. By the way, I have seen ping times as low as 600 millisecond already.


Can I get on the Exede5 now and upgrade to Viasat2 technology?

YES! At a seminar I attended September 7th, 2017, I asked this question THREE TIMES, and the answer was Yes. What was not known was how it was going to happen. It is SPECULATED that you WILL have to start your two year obligation over at that time and choose a package offered at that time. For the folks in the boonies, this is not a big deal. You cannot get anything better anyway (in my humble opinion). I mean, this is a freakin' big satellite! It is also unknown if there will be some form of charge but it is SPECULATED that you will pay for the service call, which is $99.00. This has not been written in stone as of yet, they are still working on getting this bird in operation. Please note that some areas that I might charge a "trip charge" may be waived depending on the decisions made by Viasat and where you live. (Boonies folks. Boonies.)


What will the upgrade entail?

You will have to get a new Modem and Tria. (The tria is the amplifier/transmitter part on the dish). Please note that you are responsible for returning the old modem and tria to Viasat. Dealers are not allowed to take your old equipment. Typically, you will be sent a box to return the equipment in. You MAY have to pay shipping. IF YOU DO NOT return the product YOU WILL have to pay for them. (Just return them and make note of your tracking number. Seriously.) In some cases the dish you have will work with the new tria. If it is not the newer style dish, you will... I assume... have a $70.00 charge for a newer dish. This has not been determined as of yet, but please be aware of the possibility. Here is the type of dish that must be changed out if you have it. Most likely, I SPECULATE, that Viasat will throw in the dish as they want you to be a happy customer, as that is very important to them. Again, I am speculateing.


What is the difference in equipment?

The modem has been redesigned for a number of reasons. One of which is that it is supplying the power to the tria, which is the heart of the dish. So it has been designed to prevent you from confineing the modem by stacking stuff on top of it. It needs to breath. It generates a bit of heat and heat is a thing that MUST be allowed to vent away from the unit. Older designs had allowed folks to ignore venting which causes problems. (DON'T ignore the heat venting. PLEASE!) Also, the new tria has a few features that is different from the older trias, and it is what makes things happen from the dish to the satellite. The tria is the heart, the modem is the lungs.


What packages will I be offered?

Please take a look at the current Viasat1 offerings. Start with that. I am told there may be better packages, but again, they need to get this satellite up and running before they can consider the variations in offers to folks around the country. This is another "unknown" at this time. January and February will lay out the offers they will have. I can tell you about some smaller packages, but what is the point? Speculation is not reality.


Should I call an 800 number to get Viasat's new system?

NO! Do not call any 800 number if you want a local dealer and installer. Many 800 numbers are just sales people for "sales only" dealers, including Viasat themselves. They then rely on fulfillment installers who do not have the personal attachment that we do. If you end up requiring service, you probably wont see the person who came out originally.


I have adopted a few customers because the fulfillment people don't want to return for a service call as it is not profitable. That is why I will charge a trip charge to folks that are far off from our office. Some dealers will tell you they will never charge a trip charge. They won't and it's because they wont come out. They got the install money, why bother with piddly service calls?


 I have almost totally stopped doing system adoptions because the installations were done so poorly that I lose just about every time I go out on a service call for those. And why should I support the competition?

The number you need to call is . This is the same phone number for PS&E for 33 years.

Please note that I could be out doing an installation or a service call, so Please leave me your name and contact info should you get my phone answering machine.


Why should you deal with Pegasus Satellite & Electronics?

My name is Raymond Storla. I have been a satellite dealer in Chino Valley since October of 1984. I am a electronic technitian. (By trade, and by heart.) I am not a salesman. I may have future employees to sell the products, but I am the real deal. I have done big dishes (still doing some for a TV station in Phoenix), I have been a DISH Network dealer (I quit them a couple of years ago due to a physical issue that I had to work out with my left arm), and I have done Hughesnet (years ago, but quit them for this better product), and have been doing Wildblue internet since they started with NRTC. I was involved wiith the NRTC originally, who had first option to offer Wildblue.


I also work on computers, I help you with your satellite tv service odd jobs, and offer a variety of side services like local antenna systems and Panamax surge suppression (which is very important), and even web hosting.

(Sorry my web pages are behind on those things due to lack of requests... and currently a one man operation.)


YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME. You are my people. Although I cannot control everything in the world, I try to take care of you if you were to have a problem. I want you to refer me to your friends and neighbors with confidence that I will treat them with respect and confidence that I give to you. This is all that I am. I want to earn your respect... properly.


I cannot speak for other dealers, but I do not have a lot of service calls. That not only reflects upon the quality of Viasat's product, but to my own quality of installation. I also don't make a lot of money because of that. Although we all need money, my integrity is most important to me. However, I will not let you abuse it either. After 33 years of serving Yavapai county and others, this is still all I have and all that I am... dedicated.


Who is Viasat, Exede and Wildblue?

Wildblue was bought by the folks who manufactured their product- Viasat. They then created Exede, which was like "Night and Day" to Wildblue. They have now extended themselves to build the best satellites with the greatest technology available today. Viasat is a US company that is leading the world in satellite internet technology and I am happy to provide their product to you. Sure, I have had to wait for them to launch satellites, but damn, they are some great satellites.


Note: Some of the terminology on this page has not been authorized by Viasat... like the word... damn.




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